Use of 3D Models in Standard Web Browsers

If you do not see a black area on your screen with a model of a statue inside, then your web browser is unable to display our models. To run our 3D models, you must use Windows 7 with the latest version of one of the following browsers:

How to Use Our Models

If you can view the model but are having difficulty in manipulating it, here's the idea: when you open a web page with one of our 3D models, you will instantly find a low-resolution version of the model on the page. What you want to do is use this low-resolution model as a navigational aid to set up the view you want of the full, high-resolution model. The latter is safely protected on our server and cannot be accessed by end users. In any case, it's very big, so end-users wouldn't normally want to download it anyway because that would take many minutes or even hours. Instead, you will use the low-resolution model on your web page to define the view of the full model you want. Once you've done that, you automatically and instantaneously get the exact same 2D view of the full model on your screen where the low-resolution model had been.

It sounds harder than it is. All you have to do is:

Note that you can use several tools in rapid succession. Thus, you can rotate to the desired position, zoom in, change the lighting, and then let go of the mouse. Only when you let go of the mouse for a couple of seconds will you receive the high-resolution rendering.

Experience shows that you will quickly get the hang of how to use the tools to get the view you want.

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